Smoke Alarms

At Home Guardian, we’re committed to keeping our customers’ homes protected through the installation and maintenance of their smoke alarms. We simplify smoke alarm compliance and maintenance.


We install, upgrade, and maintain smoke alarms.

Our fully qualified electricians are specifically trained in smoke alarms, so we can ensure your home’s safety. Offering installation, upgrades, and maintenance on both residential and commercial smoke alarms, you can rely on us for affordable products and services.

Tailored Smoke Alarm Packages

Your own home, a rental property, or your agency’s network of homes — these need to be protected with up to date smoke alarms. Staying across the relevant smoke alarm legislation and changing compliance requirements is stressful though. That’s where we come in.

We offer our clients tailored packages. You can opt to have your smoke alarms checked for compliance every six or twelve months, and have us alert you when your alarms need to be updated.

Smoke Alarm Legislation Is Constantly Updating

Smoke alarm legislation and its compliance requirements are constantly being revised to keep Australians safe. Especially if you’re a real estate agent, body corporate, or landlord, it’s so important your properties’ smoke alarms are compliant and working to keep your tenants safe. That’s why we make it so simple to stay on top of your requirements.

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