Meet Home Guardian Smoke Alarm Team

We wanted to be able to support not just homeowners, but real estates, body corporates, and their tenants to fully protect themselves and their homes.

About Us

We are a local Australian company with a team with a passion for protecting Australian assets and we understand how important a role smoke alarms play in house fires.

In the past data, house fires in Australia far outnumbered accidental fires, especially house fires are most likely to occur when people are sleeping, and many people have lost their lives under low alert – the most distressing thing is most are children and the elderly.

In addition, we are also developing other businesses related to housing and asset safety. We hope to protect people’s safety and lives. We sincerely hope to cooperate with house owners, real estate agents and onsite managers to protect your community and reduce risks as much as possible.

We are professional and confident that you can trust us.

Our business is not just a business.


We’re dedicated to making smoke alarms accessible and affordable, to make keeping your home safe that bit simpler.

Our Values

Share Valuable Safety Information

Create Better Access to Safety

Offer Exceptional Customer Service


Our business endeavours to donate a portion of our profits to relevant bushfire appeals and charities, such as the Red Cross.

Our Vision

Smoke alarm legislation and compliance is often evolving to ensure the safety of Australians. However, it can be tricky to keep up with these changes and stay on the ball when it comes to your smoke alarms and their maintenance. So, we endeavour to make it simple by providing a tailored subscription service, helping you ensure your smoke alarms are always up to date.

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