Horror things you might don’t know about house fires

“Home” is the place we spend most of our time, but you may not have thought that even staying where we feel the safest can be high risk of danger.

You may be shocked – according to the Australian government’s official website, in fact, more Australians die from house fires than from natural disasters. However, the scary thing is that we do not have such a sense of crisis.

Many things can cause house fires, especially electrical appliances cause 40% of house fires.
Ovens, microwaves, wires, computers are all possible causes of death….

Groups most at risk of death from house fires

Many people do not have a fire safety escape plan.
House fires that cause death are most likely to happen during the sleep.
Suffocation caused by smoke, or the flames surrounding the house can make it difficult for us to escape.

It is even more sad that children under 5 and people over 65 are twice as likely as other age group to be caught in a building fire.

How can we prevent it?

Most fire-related deaths result from the inhalation of toxic fire gases rather than from direct contact with flame or exposure to heat.

Smoke alarm will alert you if there is smoke from a fire, buy you more time. If we could escape before the fire gets bigger, our chances of dying from house fires would be greatly reduced.

Smoke alarms are like insurance, they are not usually used, but can always make a big difference in a crucial moment.

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